7 Must hav­­­­es for a beautifully styled home

7 Must hav­­­­es for a beautifully styled home

In the ever changing, ever evolving world of fashion and design it’s often thought that no matter how you style your home, that eventually whether that be 1 year, 5 years or 10 years your decor won’t be in vogue. I believe the key is to utilise versatile homewares and furniture that should a piece of furniture or decor become dated, you could simply swap that out with a different item, without having to redesign your entire home. In this article, I’ll take you through key items, that I think will stand the test of time giving you a perfectly curated list of must-haves for your new homes style.

1. Art

So, you like many, might be thinking, ‘let’s just get the furniture in and we can worry about the pretty pictures on the walls later’. An interior stylist’s philosophy is generally to the contrary of that thought – I believe that your art should be one of the first and perhaps, the most crucial decision to select for your home.

Pops of colours interspersed throughout the room are to be pulled from your wall art. If you’re a little unsure of making such statements within your home, there are plenty of geometric, and neutral pieces of artwork that will work for your space.

Pro Tip – Remember the occasional chair is to be the focal point and statement piece of your room. That said, be selective with the colours you choose making sure it works with your existing colour palette (refer to your artwork).

2. Skandi Rugs

A Skandi style rug is perfect to create first impressions of lasting beauty that is inspired by the latest trends of Scandinavian design. Rugs come in a range of different styles and materials, my personal favourite is jute, as it provides a very natural look, feels great underfoot and is super easy to maintain and keep clean.

Available in a range of different sizes, not only are the Skandi style rugs stunning, but they’re beautifully constructed and designed to last!

Pro Tip – The bigger the better, check out this Rug Size Matters by Hansel Gretel Australia blog article!

3. Occasional Chair

Occasional chairs are used, well ‘occasionally’, but don’t let that detract from the importance and impact an occasional chair can have on a room. Not only are occasional chairs functional, providing an extra seat in your room of choice, but they can be the glue and point of exclamation in a room – for that reason it’s often referred to as the accent chair.

Pro Tip – Remember the occasional chair is to be the focal point and statement piece of your room. That said, be selective with the colours you choose making sure it works with your existing colour palette (refer to your artwork).

4. Floor Lamp

Floor lamps are statement pieces that leave lasting impressions and bring styling flair to any home. Large bold floor lamps are perfect, and they’ll never lose that ‘wow’ factor your home deserves.

One of our favourites, the Shoreham Bamboo Tripod Floor Lamp is a stylish, bamboo and rattan floor lamp that will illuminate and provide the warm tones and inviting feeling that your living room needs.

5. Neutral Cushions

Colours that are super bold and vibrant are probably not going to stand the test of time and risk becoming dated. In context of everlasting style, we suggest purchasing an assortment of neutral cushions.

The beautiful set of Pavia neutral versatile cushions are sure to impress and delight for years to come. The Pavia cushion is a distinctive yet neutral cushion, available in both grey or black with a lightly patterned cotton finish, built to stand the test of time – and is a simple to spot-clean should any accidental spillages occur. Ideal to be arranged in pairs, combined with coloured and patterned cushions, or simply placed alone as a versatile stand-out accessory.

6. Quality Sofa

A quality sofa is not to be underestimated. Find a couch that is made for lounging, with deep, high resilience foam seats. Find a sofa with a slim profile, and beautiful skandi styled tapered legs for a truly iconic and modern sofa that is sure to last the ages.

Pro Tip: Be sure to use a can or two of scotch guard to protect a fabric-based sofa. Don’t be afraid to apply scotch guard liberally to ensure protection of your sofa.

7. Dining Table

Although, perhaps not an item that most would associate with styling homes, the dining table due to its size and prominence within a home, has not much choice but to be eye catching, especially if you have a large 2.4m dining table.

Before buying a dining table, be sure to not only pay attention to the dining table size but be sure to measure the space it will sit for easy traffic flow around the dining table. Another measurement to be sure to consider is the height from the floor to the tables surface – you’ll want to know this information before buying your dining chairs if the dining table doesn’t come as a set already.

Natural reclaimed timbers are all the rage right now, and for good reason too. They are rustic in style and super versatile. Not to mention that these Reclaimed timbers have a rich history already having served a different purpose, in another life.

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