Elegant Materials To Complete Your Landscape

Having a garden that is beautiful, elegant, and harmonious surely be will be value-added to the aesthetics of the building and the comfort of the occupants. Material selection is one of the important values to support a garden to look beautiful or not. Then what about the way to get the design of the garden yan beautiful it? What course material elegant and glamorous landscape that is necessary to respect this? Let’s peek material elegant what just what is needed!

1. Gravel and stone coral 

gravel and stone corals this is one of the mainstays that can you use for the landscape. The impression of beauty will be generated from this stone. Placement of stone is not to be straight, but also can be placed on a part that wants you to highlight and rock it also can be the element that creates the impression of separation between the area with the area more.

Stone is also can be combined with several color stones more like stone coral white and black. Color differences are also able to give the impression that attractive to the park.

For those of you who own land are limited you can also count your landscape with landscape stone calculator, you but still want to have the design of a garden that is a luxury, perhaps these designs you can apply at your home. Blend pond water that designed as if floating and gravel as where the fall of the water then it will create the home you memorable modern and elegant.

2. Wood

 Who doesn’t know this one material? This material can design your garden. Wood is a material that must be in the garden and can create a harmonious landscape. This material is also very suitable for those of you who want to create a tropical style in your home.

Not only as a circulation path, but this material can also be used in a relaxing area for the family to create a warm and comfortable impression.

Material is also can be applied to the child stairs garden with lights to create the impression of drama. Forms of child stairs are not uniform will create a feeling of difference and also dispel the impression of monotony for the owner.

3. Natural Stone Apart from wood and gravel, natural stone can also be used in your home. Stone will create the impression at home you become more modern tropical but also elegant. Besides that, the impression of being comfortable for those who live in it. Not only as an area of circulation, but Natural stone also can be used as a child of stairs. For children ladder also can be combined with stone gravel or grass to create the impression of a more modern and elegant.

You can also make Natural stone as a swimming pool circulation. The addition of plants and trees shady will even create the impression of a beautiful and comfortable in the area swimming pool.

4. Cement

Cement is a result of an industrial building that turns to chime beautifully with elements of nature in the garden. Various patterns and sizes can form as desired. Color gray dark to show the harmony of the colors green foliage.

The combination of stone gravel, the element of water, and also track the circulation. Water will also provide coolness to the area around your house. The addition of a hidden lamp pad in the circulation section will add a dramatic impression to this area.

5. Patterned Stone

You can also get creative with this material. Material stone is can you arrange the appropriate shape and pattern that you want. You also create the color of this stone. And you make it more attractive.

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