How To Select The Right Carpet

Having a carpet in your home is very advantageous, mainly when you have children; children like playing around a lot and carpets make sure your children don’t get hurt. However, cleaning carpets is more work compared to cleaning tiles. Selecting the most appropriate rug for your home is quite tricky because of the various colours and textures being manufactured. Also, make sure you ask the person you are buying from how often you need to wash your carpet so that you can know if you will be able to clean it with your schedule or not. You also need to make sure you buy quality carpets to avoid purchasing new rugs all the time. When it comes to carpet cleaning Beverly hills, you need to look into the things below so that you can know what to tell the cleansers when you take your carpets to them. 

Ways you can select the best carpet are;

  1. Look into various carpet styles

Carpets have many different styles, and this can make it difficult when it comes to buying mats. Even if there are so many, you need to choose a rug that matches your home’s style. Carpets are also made from tightly twisted piles, and they are also thick and soft. You also need to know that there are carpets that leave footprints around, and you need a rug that doesn’t do that, and such mats are best for low traffic areas. For high traffic areas, the best rugs are berber rugs and textured rugs.

  1. Know your budget

Carpets don’t necessarily have to have to be expensive to be great. When it comes to the various materials that rugs have, you need to ask how much each material has before you purchase it, and this makes sure you know if you are on a budget. In case you have a large family and multiple kids, you need a carpet that is easy to clean when it gets stained.

You could also invest in carpet tiles instead of rolling rugs. Carpet tiles are easier to replace compared to roll-up mats.

  1. Density

You need to know how dense your carpet is, mainly when you wish to place your rug in high traffic areas such as the hallway. To understand how thick the carpet is, you need to look at the fibres on your carpet. Look underneath your rug so that you can look at the knitting qualities of the rug, and this will make you know how dense it is. When the carpet has wide gaps, the rug will lose its touch quickly, and you will have to get a new carpet soon.

  1. Colour

For high traffic areas, it’s best to get dark coloured carpets so that dust and dirt doesn’t get noticed fast and stains will not be very evident too. For your bedroom light coloured carpets are the best carpets for you.


Always make sure you look into the things above to know which carpet is the best to purchase.