How To Sell Your House In Winter

Selling in winter is no one’s first choice as everyone is already aware of how difficult the market is during the colder season and how the lack of demand for properties affects the speed of sales. It’s a well-known fact that spring is the best time to sell your house so that’s why people are always waiting until then to put their homes on the open market. However, if you have already decided that you are selling your property in autumn for example, there is no point waiting until springtime to do so. Despite the obvious drawbacks to selling in winter, there can be some pretty good benefits you can take advantage of.

Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled a list of useful tips and reasons why wintertime is not in fact that bad to sell during, hoping it can help you get your house sold quicker.

1.      Take Advantage of The Season

As with everything, you have to make the most out of a situation you are in. If that means adjusting your strategies according to the season in order to quickly sell your house, then you should take full advantage of it. Anything from leaving Christmas decorations around the house to creating a cozy ambiance could help get you where you want to be. Having these decorations will make the house appear with much more character than normal and it could be a good strategy to make potential buyers envision their Christmas spend in the house. Putting fairy lights and creating ambiance through lighting can also contribute to the coziness feel of the property.

2.      Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way and especially during a season which is dark and gloomy, a brightly coloured door or wall could make all the difference in boosting your home’s value and perception. Many people believe that first impressions always count so while everything is dull outside during winter, you could have your front door painted in a fresh and bright colour that stands out and breaks the boring winter palette.

3.      Let Light In

As already mentioned, winter’s weather is generally dark and gloomy, the days are shorter, and the sun is setting so early that you may get some people who come to view your house when it’s already dark outside. That is why it’s so important to take care of the lighting. Whether that is letting more natural light inside your home during the day or focusing on the way you layer lighting when it’s already dark outside, doing it in a smart and strategic way can really boost your chances of selling your home faster. What’s more, a well-lit room makes it appear much larger than it actually is, makes it brighter and airier and more likely to attract buyers.

4.      Tidy Up The Garden

One of the reasons why people don’t sell their properties that easily during winter is because it’s the time when your home shows its true colours. If anything is leaking, if there’s mould and damp, if there are any maintenance issues, it is most likely those won’t be able to be masked away. The thing is, potential buyers don’t want to see those problems when they are buying. They want to buy a dream home and doing it in winter can be for those realistic people who are aware that in winter the house may not look as amazing as it does in spring with all the greenness, blossoming flowers and perfect lighting. However, there are things you can do to make sure it still looks good for the season. Tidying up the garden, clearing the pathways, rubbish and trimming the bushes so it doesn’t look unmaintained could go a long way during this season. Moreover, you could make the most of it here as well by incorporating some seasonal decorations, fairy lights, lanterns and perhaps even a outdoor Christmas tree as well.

5.      Play With Scents

There are many aromas which are only associated with wintertime and Christmas so taking advantage of them could work in your favor. In most cases scents have a positive impact on people’s experiences and if you incorporate some of the seasonal aromas during house viewings, you could attract and impress potential buyers. It’s important to remember that while some people are easily affected by scents, others find them rather overwhelming and can annoy them. So play smartly with them and don’t overdo it.

To conclude, it’s important for you to remember that you could still speed up the sale of your house in winter and because there isn’t a fierce competition, any potential buyers you have could be more serious about purchasing your property, assuming you present your home in the best light possible.

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