Leverage Career Opportunities with Real Estate Classes

As long as you’re 18 years of age or older, a high school graduate (or equivalent), and a law-abiding citizen, then you can practice real estate in the state of Utah. People go into real estate for a variety of reasons, regardless of whether they want to make it their career or a way to earn extra income. And since there are opportunities in the market that range from real estate agent and broker to real estate lawyer and property manager, enrolling in real estate classes to earn a real estate license is a wise move for anyone interested in diversifying their income and strengthening their financial security.

If you’re considering practicing real estate, industry professionals suggest familiarizing yourself with the following reasons why people go into the market, as well as some of the characteristics of the highest quality online real estate schools. By doing so, you can make an informed decision about which real estate classes you should take and then what to do afterwards to ensure you get your real estate license.

4 Reasons to Enroll in Real Estate Classes

High Income

One of the leading reasons why people go into real estate is to earn large amounts of money. After attending real estate classes and passing the state exam, you can begin networking as an agent to find any potential leads. Then, over time, you will be able to turn these leads into sales, thus increasing your income in the form of commission. Depending on your approach, you could easily be earning six-figure salaries per year.


As a real estate agent, you will be an independent contractor, meaning you will have high levels of autonomy. Without needing to depend on an employer, you can focus your efforts on creating meaningful relationships with your clients and growing your own business from the ground up, thus improving financial stability over time. Working as a real estate agent provides you with levels of independence that you may not have experienced in other jobs.

Flexible Scheduling

Since you will be working as an independent contractor, your schedule will be determined by you. Set your own hours depending on your preferences and client availability, then spend the rest of your time focusing on finding more clients, networking with other agents, and growing your business into something larger and more successful. You will also be able to determine your own holidays, allowing you to prioritize yourself and your family over spending unnecessary amounts of time at your desk.

Dynamic Environment

The field of real estate changes constantly, so it’s always a fun environment to be a part of. There’s always more to learn, so you can partner with other professionals to develop short-term and long-term plans for your agencies, and even attend additional real estate classes to further professionalize yourself in the field. The same online real estate schools that offer pre-licensing courses usually provide continuing education (CE) classes as well, allowing you to keep it with changes in the field.

What to Look for in a Real Estate School

Reverse Classrooms

Rather than enrolling in the first real estate class you find, make sure to research their approach first. The “reverse classroom” is a model that enables students to speak directly with their instructors during meeting times, rather than passively listening to lectures. This approach to education will ensure that you increase your chances of passing your exam, as you receive individualized support from the pros.

Available Instructors

Another thing to consider when choosing a real estate school is the availability of their instructors. Make sure they’re available via email, phone, and video, so that you can speak with them to ask questions and request additional support. While you’re researching prospective classes, also make sure their instructors are experienced and trained not only in education, but in the field of real estate as well.

Usable Resources

Quality real estate classes will make use of a variety of resources for their students, ultimately increasing chances of student learning. Things to keep an eye out for include practice exams, audio books, textbooks, articles, and access to networking opportunities with professionals already in the field. As you research real estate courses, make sure they include diverse offerings.


Lastly, another important thing to look for in a real estate school is a guarantee that you will excel in their program. The best online real estate schools available offer money back guarantees, test pass guarantees, course completion guarantees, and more. If you can find a school with high pass rates (30{d966c26520581300f0f8c6ae1864c22b3d2cc354c8098608bb97d019d5fdbcb7} or higher is a good starting point), then you can also rest assured that you’re getting the best training possible, thus increasing your chances of acing the state’s exam.

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