My experience to Visit Bana Hills Resort Da Nang, Vietnam

A vacation to Vietnam, a traveler actually found a European-style atmosphere. All that you can see in Ba Na Hill, located in Da Nang City. Therefore, I decided to go to the city of Da Nang, initially wanting to take the train from Hanoi. But it is very far and it takes a long time, about 16 hours. Finally, I decided to get on a plane, even though the ticket price was decent but it saved a lot of time. Because of the morning flight, I did not dare to take the risk to order a take-away car. So I ordered a private car from the hotel to be sent to NoiBai Airport at a cost of 230,000 VND per car. We boarded Jetstar at 07.30 and arrived at Da Nang Airport at 8:50 in the morning. The first day in Da Nang I went straight to Ba Na Hills or better known as the French Village. Before going to Vietnam, I had ordered a shuttle car (520,000 VND per car) to take from the airport to the Mercure Hotel located in the Ba Na Hills area. If you take a car it can be cheaper, the fare is around VND 350,000 – 400,000 with a distance of 24 km or about 40 minutes drive.

Arriving at Ba Na Hills, I was immediately taken to the Mercure Hotel On Bana Hills reception to buy a cable car ticket. Well, because I live in Mercure, I get a discount for the round trip of the Htm cable car (also Ba Ba Hills entrance ticket), so VND is 400,000, so the normal price is 700,000 for adults. For detailed information, you can open the website here.

Ba Na Hills is filled with buildings ranging from spiritual landmarks, landscape architecture, to exciting games. Plus its location, which is located 1487 m above sea level, makes the air cool. After checking in at the hotel and cleaning, I started to look around while looking for a restaurant for lunch. By the way, if you go to Ba Na Hills let alone I suggest staying to drink water and snacks. The problem is the price here is rather expensive, though not as expensive as in universal studios. After breakfast, I continued around the Ba Na Hill. Many good places to take pictures. Besides buildings, there are also games, 5D theater, museums, and others that you can try.

To explore all the places, my suggestion is to stay 1 night here. The problem is that the alpine coasters line up long in the afternoon, so it’s better to play this early in the morning. And this alpine coaster is a must to try. Around 5 pm the fog starts to fall and the sky becomes darker. It’s a bit spooky cold, so what about the view of the castle.

Be sure to visit Ba Na Hill if you are in Da Nang City. The ticket price paid will be commensurate with what you get at Ba Na Hill. Overall, visiting Ba Na Hill becomes an unforgettable experience. The atmosphere, views, and buildings here make Ba Na Hill worth visiting guys. This place is very good if you are in Da Nang, Vietnam.

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