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Haystack is a free application that distributes local and world TV News. Haystack TV has introduced the haystack News app. Also, we can say that the Haystack official website has introduced it. Haystack TV is a viral application among News lovers and has won 1 million users up to now. The application was officially released on the 28th of February 2014. Haystack consists of local and worldwide news.

You can take any facility that has on Haystack’s official website through this application. Haystack is compatible with a wide range of devices such as Android, IOS, and Smart TVs such as Apple TV, Amazon TV, Amazon Firestick, and Android TV. So, this is a useful app to download to your smart device. You can watch over 300 News TV Channels from Haystack News App. Both local and worldwide news can be watched using this application. This application freely available on play store. There are many TV boxes without play store service. You can use Filelinked. Using Filelinked create your own Android TV app store and add this app. For phones and tabs use AC Market only if you do not have play store app.

Features of Haystack News App

With Haystack’s help, the users can now watch any news channel around the world from one place. This is a very special function since this helps you to know more about the world free and easy. You don’t have to be worried about coverage and stuff. One of the coolest functions is that Haystack is a free News application. There are no hidden charges or subscription plans; you can watch news anywhere anytime using this application.

Moreover, you can browse any category of news and watch them according to your preference. There are categories such as Business, Politics, Gaming, Entertainment, Sports, and Technology. Browsing the category, you prefer is another facility that provides by Haystack.

You can also watch live streaming news. Besides, you can watch according to the keywords that become trending in certain periods. You can search for any news in the search bar by typing the “#” mark. You can type any topic.

Another beneficial facility that offers is that the news updates—the news’s value limits to a certain period. Haystack can be introduced as a reliable news app since it updates the latest news to give people the correct information.

You can sign up to Haystack by linking your social media accounts such as Facebook, Google accounts, Emails, and stuff. After you have signed up, you can add to your profile the categories of news you would like to watch so that the headlines will be popping up according to the category. There are a wide range of categories such as politics, sport news, weather, gaming, entertainment, etc. when you add them, the updates and headlines will be popping up on your screen. You can also mute the unnecessary or dislike categories that you don’t want to be popped up. So, the headlines from such categories won’t be popped up.

Another special function is to watch breaking news and share them with your friends, family, and loved ones. You can share them within a single tap. If you or your friend has low end device that perform poorly, you can use RAM and CPU management tool like Clean master to clean RAM usage and CPU workload easily to gain more speed.


Haystack is a way more beneficial application to know the happenings in the world. Since it updates all the news and has over 300 News channels, it helps its users watch the news channel. You can use yes player app to watch videos in haystack news app.

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