The Roof of Your house are damp and dry? Here’s how to fix it.

Do you have walls and wet seepage due to water? many factors cause the walls of the house to become moist and soak because of water. Either because the initial plastering is not good or because of the wrong painting process. If you leave, the mushrooms will grow wider on the wall of the house. Of course this condition is not healthy for the occupants, even too high humidity can cause wet lungs.

Come on, fix the walls and damp seepage in your home only in Southern Cross Roofing.

1. Destroy Mushrooms on the Wall

Most damp walls are caused by fungal conditions that are spreading in the wall area. And if such conditions are allowed to continue, then the condition of any brand of wall paint will not last long. So that the walls of your house in your house are not damp, clean the fungi that stick to the walls of the house first.

If you want to repaint the wall so that it is not damp and seeps again, you have to peel off the old paint and destroy the existing fungus first. Then after that, please repaint the wall of the house with the new warrants that you have chosen.

2. Apply Sealer Before Painting the Wall

The next way is to coat the part with peeled paint using a sealer. It aims to replace old paint and also to prevent damp walls from returning to the house. Then coat the wall with a sealer. You need to wait until the sealer is completely dry before you coat it with paint.

3. Cover the Outdoor Wall with Waterproof Paint

In order to avoid moisture and seepage, it is very important to coat the walls of your house with waterproof paint. Imagine if your walls are right next to irrigation and immediately feel exposed to the sun’s rays, so the walls will be prone to dryness and moisture at the same time. Therefore, it is very important to coat the exterior walls with waterproof paint.

4. Choose Quality & Durable Paint

After that, make sure you choose a quality paint product. Look for paint that has a high cover and spreadability and is environmentally friendly. The composition is also looking for a waterproof one.

Those are some ways to deal with moisture and seepage on the walls of your home. Good luck.