Top 5 Cities to Invest in Real Estate in Mexico

Mexico is on the radar of international investors, increasing its demand for real estate, whether for housing, commercial spaces, or corporate offices. Learn which cities in Mexico are best for investing in real estate.

1.  Querétaro: Rising Rapidly in Value

This city has one of the strongest economies in the industrial and housing sectors.  Its many sources of employment make it one of the most attractive regions to live in.

Many of its neighborhoods are growing, making it a strategic commercial point. In addition, its proximity to the Mexican capital makes foreigners eager to acquire property here.

Querétaro is one of the cities with the highest surplus value in Mexico. Properties have increased in value between 15% and 20% in recent years.

2. Monterrey: The Capital of Business in Mexico

Monterrey is Mexico’s business capital for its rapid and significant growth. It’s a cosmopolitan city which is close to the US border, making it easy to establish business in Mexico. Housing prices in Monterrey range from 1 million pesos to 60 million pesos.

3. Mérida: A Beach Paradise

Mérida is one of Mexico’s cities with the best security and economic stability ratings. Investing here is an excellent option for those interested in living here or renting out a property.

In addition, the increase in the quality of its developments, together with other factors, such as geographical conditions, climate, beaches, historical and archaeological sites, museums, and other important tourist attractions, make this an attractive area.

It is also located in the midst of the most significant ports of export, import, and tourism in the country’s southeast, bringing thousands of visitors every day.

The investment cost per square meter has dropped by 50%. Buying a property in Mérida is an opportunity that cannot be wasted.

4. Mexico City: The City of a Thousand Opportunities

The capital of Mexico continues to grow and develop. It’s become the headquarters of some major companies nationally and internationally. In addition, the great universities attract thousands of students interested in studying and living in this city for its opportunities.

These have been critical factors for the arrival of new inhabitants every year, both nationals and foreigners. Buying a property in CDMX is a safe investment. The supply of houses has decreased due to the high demand, which has given way to the vertical housing model and a big boom in flats for sale in the city.

5. Guadalajara: Beautiful Architecture

Guadalajara is the country’s primary livestock, agricultural, and fishing supplier. Tapatío products take the lead in exporting to the United States. It is also home to major companies manufacturing electronic components and software.

In addition, its architecture, art, tourist potential, and natural wealth are additional factors contributing to rising investments in property in Guadalajara. Mexico is an ideal place to invest in real estate regardless of how you intend to use it.

Guadalajara currently offers more than 2,000 properties for sale between 1,500,000 pesos and 50 million pesos in the city’s best areas.

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