What to Know When Buying Your First Home with a Belfast Estate Agent?


With almost 300.000 people, Belfast is the most crowded city in Northern Ireland. There are lots of homes being sold and bought every month and getting into the business of realty can be confusing for many.

Hiring an agent for this thing is the smartest thing to do. They know the market and they do this every day. However, when you’re buying your first home, you’re probably not very familiar with how they work and what they do best. See more about agents and working with them here.

In this article, we’ll tell you about some of the most important things you should mind when hiring one. Read on and learn more!

Let them negotiate with the sellers

It’s ok to want to control things, but here, it’s best to let the agent do its job. What they do best is negotiating. They are skilled and they have a lot of experience doing this, so it’s a must to let them try getting the best price for you.

Most of them are paid by making a sale so if they don’t do it, they won’t get paid. That’s why it’s in their best interest to make the most price that you’ll accept. This is the number one reason why you need to trust them with your money. They care for them like it’s theirs.

Ask if they work for commission

We mentioned that they are probably being paid by sale. However, some of them are being paid monthly by the companies they work in. Our best advice is to ask before you hire them and see if this is the situation.

If they’re paid by work done, then that’s great for you, but if they’re paid on a monthly base, then it’s better to look for someone else. Why? Because it’s proven that people try harder when their paycheck depends on how good work they’ll do, and you want only the best for you and your family. After all, you don’t buy your first new home every day.

Understand the difference between agents

There are two kinds of Belfast estate agents. The buying and the listing ones. What you need are buying ones. The listing agents are those who work with the sellers. Of course, they both understand and work in the real estate market, but the first represent your side, and the other one the sellers.

Why is this important? The seller’s representative will always try to get more money from you. They get paid by percentage, so if they sell for a higher price, they’ll also get more. For example, selling a house for 200.000 euros will get them from 6 to 10 thousand euros. If they sell it for more, the percentage will be higher and they’ll get even more.

Explain your situation like they’re your friends

Getting connected with the person looking for your new home is highly important. You need to explain your situation as best as you can. Don’t hide anything from them. Don’t make yourself rich if you’re not and don’t try to hide your side job earned money.

This is important for the agent to know what your situation is and what kind of home you’re actually in need of. They are like your short term psychiatrist who needs to listen to your ideas, wishes, and expectations in order to find the best solution for you.


What not to expect?

Don’t expect them to work for free. Before getting off with the job, it’s best to sign an agreement where you’ll be obligated to pay them after the sale is made and to define all the other things that you think are important. Try to make an agreement where you’ll place everything that important for you. See more about what it’s important for these professionals: https://www.forbes.com/sites/zillow/2013/10/29/what-does-a-real-estate-buyers-agent-do/.


What you need to know about getting the best service and the best agent is right here. Having these things in mind will get you the best experience working with real estate employees and will definitely get you a great home for the best price possible. Enjoy living in it with the help of professionals in the business.

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