How To Style A Rented Apartment Without Losing Your Deposit

If you have been stuck in your rental apartment due to lockdown, then chances are you are going to want to be sprucing your home up. When you have a rental it can be difficult to know what you can and can’t do. In general, it is always best to speak to your landlord before you do anything as you never want to risk losing your deposit. In this article, we will go through some tips on how to decorate without losing your deposit. There are many different online stores out there where you can pick up some fantastic soft furnishing such as Online Home Shop.

See what your contract allows

It is always wise to have a look at your contract before doing anything as most contracts will say that you can’t redecorate without the landlord’s permission. One trick with this is that if you have a request, the landlord must provide a reasonable reason why they don’t allow it. For example, if you wanted to hang a shelf, and the landlord says no, this is unreasonable. If they do say yes, then they may request you to take it down and fill the holes in before you leave. If you speak to your landlord directly, you may be able to do more to the place than you first may think.

Update the bedding

If there’s nothing you can do to the bedroom, then you can at least change the bedding and duvet cover set. This alone can transform a room with different colours, patterns and textures. Decorating your bed couldn’t be easier, by adding throw pillows and a throw will make the room look fantastic. If you can add your own curtains, this will look great if it accents the bedding.

Revamp tiles with stickers

Retiling the bathroom or kitchen is probably a big no for landlords, but they didn’t say anything about sticking anything on them. These decal stickers are a great way to spruce up your existing tiles without having to damage anything. They come in a range of different sizes so you can create some beautiful mosaics or even find a pattern that you like. The best thing is before you leave your tenancy, you can take them off and your landlord won’t know any different.

Cover the floor

If you have been left with floors that have stains or scratches on the, they can make you lose the whole aesthetic of a room. The best way to remedy this is to cover the floors up. This can be done in a range of different ways. Large floor stickers are a great way to do this, but the more traditional way to do this is by purchasing a beautiful statement rug where it covers a large area of the floor. To add layers and texture, ensure that your sofa is slightly on top of it.


There are many great ways in which you can do the apartment up without losing your deposit. All you need to do is follow these tips and also think outside the box.









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