What Our Artists Say About Artspan

San Diego Museum Of Art This Women’s History Month, discover art and artists in our collection, along with exhibitions, occasions, and resources for educators. There have been makes an attempt by artists to create art that can not be purchased by the wealthy as a status object. One of the prime original motivators of a […]

Bluethumb Home of Australian Artists

Reproductive methods such as moulds made mass-production easier, and were used to bring high-quality Ancient Roman pottery and Greek Tanagra figurines to a very wide market. Cylinder seals were both artistic and practical, and very widely used by what can be loosely called the middle class in the Ancient Near East. Once coins were widely […]

Photography Art By Impartial Artists

As anti-communist sentiments grew in the later Forties, Grossman’s sympathetic images of the working class and labor unions from this collection would lead to his being blacklisted by the federal government. Emphasizing iconic images by a few of the most well-known photographers from the 20th century to the current, this exhibition presents a broad sampling […]

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