Seven Things You Never Knew About Commercial Cleaning

One of the most challenging but essential things to do in a workplace is to ensure it’s well-cleaned. You might have a lot of individuals working in a single office for most of the day, drinking, eating, and throwing garbage. So, it’s unsurprising that the office will get clouted, filthy, and worn quickly.

Even though you can clean the workers, you lack the tools or skills to deliver efficient and deep commercial office cleaning services. It could be a waste of time and resources to attempt to handle the cleaning in-house.

That is why you need to hire professional commercial office cleaning services. They offer expert cleaning solutions, have all the equipment, and will handle the cleaning work. However, there are some things you do need to learn about commercial cleaning services and what they do. These are the aspects that may highlight why you must hire them.


It is easier to underestimate the germs you have on your desktop. Since they are invisible, you might ignore the issue and assume your working space is clean. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Your office equipment has approximately 20,000 herms per square inch of space. This means that the average worker’s desk can host up to ten million bacteria.

Without frequent cleaning, the germs multiply by 30 percent daily across all areas. That gives you a reason to hire professional cleaners to sanitize your workplace.

Food mess

Almost 62 % of individuals take their lunch at their office desk, with 20 % saying that they clean the surface before eating from it. Imagine how many bacteria they eat and how many risky infections they might harbor in their space.

The food will leave small crumbs, making the surface visibly dirty and possibly attracting insects and pets. So, a cleaning expert will fix the problem and eliminate the germs plaguing your workspace.

Common areas

Common areas are prone to higher germ and bacteria levels. Fridge handles, water fountains, microwaves, vending machines, and skins are the dirtiest places apart from keyboards, computer mice, and personal office space.

Gents’ washrooms are 20 % dirtier than ladies’. The possibility of disease vectors is high, with 25% of water cooler buttons believed to be at higher risk for transmission of diseases. Washroom sink handles can spread diseases as well.

Even if you let your workers clean their working spaces, familiar places remain higher risk disease spots, filled with grit and dirt. So, hiring a commercial cleaning company is important, as they have the skills to handle the mess.

Missed points

Several dirty places might be missed when dealing with the kitchen and washrooms. It is easy to forget how many areas are touched daily. However, a commercial cleaner has the knowledge and wherewithal to target all the key locations.

Commercial office cleaners hit some usual areas that may otherwise be ignored, including door knobs, elevator buttons, sink handles, light switches, and computer keyboards. A professional cleaning company will not miss dirty areas.

Commercial office cleaning is hard work.

Even though cleaning might seem simple, once you start doing it for a long time, you will notice how hard it is. You can easily burn up to 200 calories by cleaning. That might be ideal for your health, but it’s tiring and draining for non-cleaning staff to work on cleaning their workspaces.

Proper use of cleaning materials and agents

Another aspect you might not know about commercial office cleaning is how to utilize the products and agents. There are numerous products for different environments and surfaces. Professional cleaning companies know what products to use on the right surface. Many cleaning firms also have product dilution facilities to ensure they have a proper mixture of cleaning concentrate and water to do the work efficiently.

There are many things you should know about commercial office cleaning. Nevertheless, this quick rundown of ideas has highlighted the benefits of getting a professional cleaning company to sanitize your office.

Facts you should know about commercial cleaning services

The cleanliness of an office space says a lot about your company. A tidy and clean workspace promotes the professional image of a business. It creates the best impression on your clients, visitors, and shareholders, fostering higher confidence and trust in your company. Hiring professional commercial cleaning solutions can provide your company with various benefits:

  • a healthy and safe workspace
  • increases productivity
  • a professional and positive business image

You may know some aspects of commercial cleaning, but there are many things you might not know. This includes:

  • Commercial office cleaning services are not equal: commercial cleaning entails cleaning high-traffic places, including the exterior and interior of your premises. Not all cleaning services are for all kinds of businesses. Ensure you hire a service provider with experience in the cleaning you need.
  • Specialization is key: Specialization is essential when it comes to cleaning. Healthcare centers need well-trained personnel skilled in lessening the spread of viruses and germs. Commercial cleaning companies use the proper tools and specially mixed chemicals for effective cleaning outcomes.
  • Not all commercial cleaning services offer eco-friendly cleaning: Eco-friendly cleaning includes using suitable cleaning techniques, tools, and safe products for human health and the environment. Not all cleaning companies are approved green cleaners. So, it’s important to check what green cleaning programs they offer.
  • Not all commercial cleaning companies can offer medical cleaning: Not all cleaners can offer medical cleaning. Companies specializing in this kind of cleaning have experts who are highly trained in different aspects, from cleaning common surfaces to disinfecting tools that help prevent disease transmission.

 When selecting a commercial office cleaning service, discuss your needs and expectations with the company. They can tailor their services to create a cleaning plan that aligns with your business’s schedule and requirements. Regular and effective office cleaning helps create a pleasant and productive workspace for employees and presents a positive image to clients and visitors.

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