Business Vending Machine in The UK, This is the Vending Machine treatment and the improvement

Business Vending Machine in The UK, This is the Vending Machine treatment and the improvement

For those of you who want to start a vending machine business or are running a vending machine business in Indonesia, certainly, require regular maintenance to a vending machine. Because of that machine that you invest to get profit, but if there is no maintenance and repair from the vending machine, then your business will go down and bankrupt.

Because a machine every machine must have maintenance and repair, as well as a vending machine in the UK. The machine should serve everyone in public places, with crowded conditions. And will be a lot of vending machine delivery service from this machine. Well, the repair and maintenance of the vending machine will reduce costs and prevent excessive damage.

In this article, I will provide tips for caring for a vending machine.

First Steps

Use quality detergent, warm water, and soft towel to clean the whole vending machine on the rule of time 1 – 2 times a year. Then wipe all surfaces after the monthly routine service. This will also help prevent the button from becoming stuck and remain normal without any damage.

Step Two

Keep away and remove dirt from the validator heap, using a damp towel or cloth. These ways can reduce the likelihood of damage to the validator and the vending machine hangs.

Step Three

Reposition the vending machine and place the appropriate machine. It is a 4-inch distance from the rear and side walls, to maximize the air coming out of the vending machine. And in order not to overheat the temperature, because it will make the damage vending machine. Also, do not forget to see the vending machine position on the flat floor. When not flat or coat the vending machine with wood, it is not always balanced and the risk will damage the machine.

Step Four

Make sure the vending machine is not exposed to heat from the sun directly because the excess heat will cause the failure of the vending machine function. Use an air compressor to clean the condenser coil vending machine for 6 months.

Fifth Step

Once you have read all the manual vending machine instructions, you must know how specific electricity flows from the vending machine used. Because every model is different-the voltage and flow of power.

After confirming the above 5 things have been done, then the risk of damage to your vending machine decreases. But, repairs and maintenance are certainly not the exact fit done with regular schedules. For example, it could be that the vending machine in Indonesia is more quickly damaged than what you guessed. Because of frequent use in a week. For that, I’ll give you a way how you can quickly make improvements to the machine when you know that the machine is damaged or error.

You can use the information by paste the sticker in the vending machine, the sticker is written that if the error engine immediately calls the number on the sticker. So that way you will know and can make improvements immediately on the vending machine. In many other countries, it has done this way, so when the machine gets damaged or crashes, your team will soon be able to fix it.

The vending machine parts in the UK is now a lot and easy to obtain. So, for those of you who want to start a vending machine business, should pay attention to the above aspects. And I remind you again that every model and every brand of the country’s output is different in character. So must first learn the character, then how to care and repair, looking for a suitable parts place. And the last profit will be earned.

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