Easy Ways to Overcome Hair Cracks Wall Problems

Easy Ways to Overcome Hair Cracks Wall Problems

Easy Ways to Overcome Hair Cracks Wall Problems

The beauty of a dwelling is very important for the comfort and pride of the owner. However, this beauty can be damaged because of things that are considered trivial, one of which is the problem of hair walls experiencing cracks. Cracking hair on the wall is not heavy damage that is dangerous but this is very disturbing the aesthetics of the building. If your home has experienced this, it is highly recommended that you contact the best plaster repair services such as plaster sydney.

The house that had been very proud of as if it lost its beauty, became gloomy or even the selling price would plummet if the walls of the house had a lot of hair cracking problems. The owner must know how the solution so that the house does not experience hair cracks.

Characteristics of Hair Cracks on the Wall

Symptoms of hair cracking can arise from the layer of plaster and/or finishing coat, this is because the plaster layer or finishing coat is not strong enough to compensate for the phenomenon of deformation as a natural response due to changes in environmental conditions. The crack is relatively smooth not to penetrate the wall, cracks are usually less than 1 millimeter and the maximum depth is up to the plaster layer.

The pattern and direction of the crack tend to be irregular to form like a plate as wide as the palm spread on the wall. Symptoms of plastering and finishing coat cracks of hair can occur on brick walls, light brick walls, and red bricks.

Hair Crack Wall Solution

The solution to overcome so that the plaster and finishing coat is cracked free of hair can be done in two alternative ways, namely: fix it if it has already cracked hair on the walls of your home. And the second, namely: preventive efforts by selecting quality materials and applications that pay attention to the rules and properties/characteristics used when building construction work,

Steps to repair cracked hair walls can be done with the following steps:

1. Scrape the coat of paint on the part of the wall that has cracks, if the intensity of hair cracks is too much it is advisable to peel away from the finishing coat or plaster layer depending on the severity.

2. Trim and clean the surface to be repaired from dust and dirt, then flush with clean water so it is not too dry.

3. Refill the scraped part with new material to cover the peeled, smoothed and trimmed parts. But if the crack is small/shallow, the gap is enough to be covered with a wall seal and wait for the wall seal to dry completely (approximately 7 days).

4. Sand the surface of the wall seal to get a smoother and perfectly flat surface.

5. Repaint using a good base paint, after that you can continue painting with a color that suits your taste.

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