Exotic 5 Beautiful Islands in Thailand that Captivate the Eyes

Exotic 5 Beautiful Islands in Thailand that Captivate the Eyes

Exotic 5 Beautiful Islands in Thailand that Captivate the Eyes

Thailand is included in the list of countries that are frequently visited by travelers. No wonder, because of the cheap travel costs and affordable living costs, you can also find various exciting destinations while you are there.

In addition to a paradise for shopping and culinary tours, it turns out that the White Elephant Country also offers a panoramic beauty of natural attractions that can make you fall in love. One who should not miss when traveling to the country is to stop by a beautiful island in Thailand. Well, to enjoy the beauty of that beautiful island, you can hire a luxury boat with the best service in Boat Charter Phuket.

This beautiful island in Thailand offers a variety of tourist attractions that can captivate anyone who comes there. Curious about anywhere? Here goes the list.

Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi or Phi Phi Island is one of the most famous beautiful islands in Thailand. The place that became the location for the Leonardo Di Caprio film, titled The Beach, has an exotic natural scenery.

There are so many exciting activities you can do there. Starting from diving, snorkeling, climbing more, traveling by boat, relaxation, and much more. This island is always crowded with tourists. The spirit of a traveler who comes to Koh Phi Phi can even make you even more comfortable being there.

Koh Phangan

If you need a little privacy when traveling, this destination is a must. A place surrounded by green plants, white sand, and clear Tosca colored sea is indeed quite quiet.

So, it is suitable if you want to calm down and relax here. Don’t forget to do fun activities there such as snorkeling, diving, relaxing on the beach, or even a culinary tour.

Koh Lanta

This beautiful island in Thailand can be called a family-friendly and kid-friendly vacation spot. The island which consists of small islands is indeed surrounded by exotic beaches and shady mangrove forests. The waves on the beach are very calm. So, it’s safe if you do various exciting activities there with your family.

Koh Lipe

You who have a honeymoon plan, it looks like you can make Koh Lipe as a romantic vacation destination for both of you. The island is also equipped with various luxury facilities including exclusive hotels that can make traveling more memorable.

If you don’t really want to do activities outside the hotel such as snorkeling, diving, or a tour of the small islands that surround Koh Lipe, you can spend time in the inn.

Koh Samui

Your vacation will feel perfect when visiting Koh Samui. Far from urban areas full of pollution, this beautiful island is surrounded by exotic beaches and tropical rain forests. Can you imagine how fresh the air is in this earth’s paradise? While you’re there, don’t forget to taste a variety of seafood preparations with Thai specialties.

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