Modern Minimalist Home Design Concept

Modern minimalist home designs have become very popular in recent years. Minimalist architecture aims to produce better designs through simplicity in form, space, materials, details, and colors. Who doesn’t love a clean and open space that makes the architecture, furniture, and materials of the room clear and with character? What makes this modern minimalist home concept interesting are the simple details and materials that make the room calm, warm, and beautiful. The characteristics of a modern minimalist home design contain the following: simplicity in form and function, simple cladding and wall finishing, clean, open, and light areas, simple detailing without decoration, and the use of visually appealing materials, textures, and characters.

Many minimalist homes have streamlined layouts with multiple levels. The concept of this modern minimalist house prioritizes open space, minimalist interior walls, and sufficient storage space. Natural lighting is one of the main characters of a modern minimalist home design. The ground floor has space for a small garden and a car park. The first room you encounter is the family room and living room as well as the dining room and mini kitchen. The ground floor is a public space. Meanwhile, the two bedrooms upstairs are able to fulfill your need for maintained privacy.

This modern minimalist home design with a bedroom with a fresh feel. The use of large windows in the room area makes the room bright with natural lighting. The concept of a modern minimalist house also carries the theme of saving energy, from morning to afternoon reducing electricity consumption. With wide visibility, the room becomes a shady and comfortable place, sleep becomes soundly.

This modern minimalist home design makes the kitchen look clean and tidy, without any scattered tools. Plates, pans, cooking spices, and cutlery are all neatly arranged on each shelf. The combination of two sets of white and light brown shelves and a similar floor adds a simple yet elegant impression.

Focusing on order, clarity, serenity, and purpose, doesn’t mean we live with less stuff, but rather draws attention to the shapes, colors, and textures of the homes we live in and makes them more comfortable to wear with the family.

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