Necessary Electronics in your Home Gazebo

At times, having your own house isn’t enough. When there’s a huge storm outside, the windows might break and all the rain and the flood might push through. And when it’s a heatwave outside during summer, staying cooped up in your house simply won’t do. Fortunately, you can get yourselves a home gazebo in your own backyard. It’s a tiny family area where you can relax, the kids can play around, and have your own little sanctuary all to yourselves. You’ll even have fewer chances of getting disturbed by your neighbours since you’re in the comforts of your own backyard. 

Since your backyard gazebo is part of your home, you’ll need to incorporate some electronics there too. Just because it’s gazebo doesn’t mean it has to be empty nor act antique. But what appliances do you really need inside such a structure? Here are a few necessary ones. 

Extension Cord

If you didn’t install electricity in your home gazebo, how do you think your electronics will work there? Apart from your mobile gadgets, none of your appliances will light up if there isn’t a socket inside. But it’s too expensive to install electricity in your home gazebo, so what are you to do? Get an extension cord! Fortunately, these nifty electronics come in different lengths, so no matter how far your structure is to your actual home, it can still reach it. And if the longest really can’t reach it, you can always buy multiple extension cords to ensure your home gazebo will light up somehow. Just make sure you strategically place them within the area between your house and your gazebo. Otherwise, you’re in for a lot of accidents. 


Imagine this: you and your family all snuggled up in the dead of winter on a weekend afternoon inside your home gazebo. The backyard is filled with snow but your structure inside is roomy and warm. However, the temperature is so cold that a few thick blankets aren’t enough to stay cozy. What do you do? Bring in the heater. Though a fireplace works too, such is safer if your gazebo is not made of wood (which is rare) and is open-space. But if your backyard structure isn’t all of that, a heater will do. You can place it in any corner of the gazebo and the entire place will warm up nicely in just a matter of minutes.

Air Conditioner

Now, when it’s the height of summer, you’ll need a different appliance to make your home gazebo nice and comfortable. An air-conditioner will do you and your family some good when it’s burning hot outside. Though you may wonder, why not just stay inside the house and turn on the air conditioner there? For one thing, turning on many electronics at once will not only skyrocket your electricity bill, it’s a fire hazard in of itself. At least, when you turn an air conditioner inside your home gazebo, the place is compact enough that the cold air remains nice and breezy throughout all the corners of the structure. And imagine how much you’ll save by just having one turned on all day! 

Air Humidifier

Let’s face it, as much as home gazebos are wonderful, at times it can get quite stuffy inside. Even when there’s an air conditioner there, if the structure is too compact and you have too many people inside, you’ll want to go outside! Avoid such messes with an air humidifier. These beautiful electronics help even the air out and make the atmosphere all the more relaxing and breathable. You can hit as many people inside your home gazebo as you want, but with an air humidifier, it won’t feel all that stuffy. And best of all, it’s probably one of the cheaper electronics on this list. You might even be able to buy one for your own room too!  


Home gazebos aren’t just good for daytime. In fact, for the evening, they make for great date venues with your significant other. But again, if you think you can’t afford to install electricity inside, then at least put in a lamp. You can connect it to the extension cord that connects to your actual or you can go for battery-operated ones that can last an entire night. Whichever you choose, it’s better if your home gazebo is lit up. Even if it’s not an enclosed space, as long as there’s enough light to show you where you are and where you’re going, accidents can easily be avoided. And who wants to sit in the dark anyway? 

Alarm System

Home gazebos are some of the best places to place your alarm systems. Be it an enclosed space or an open-air structure, they’re a must, especially if your backyard is a particularly dark or too dim-lit a place. But why? Because home gazebos are usually where unwelcome visitors will hide within the vicinity while they wait to strike. It’s perfect for them, it’s a shaded place, there’s not much light (if there’s no electricity in it), and because of the structure, it’ll be hard for you to spot them from the inside. Now if you installed an alarm system inside or around your gazebo, they won’t be able to hide in it at all! 


Why not have a telephone in your home gazebo? Firstly, if your family is quite big that it’s not enough to have just one or two landlines in the house, a telephone in your home gazebo is your answer. No matter how long the teenager’s hog the downstair’s phone or how busy the grandparents use the upstairs line, if you have a telephone in your home gazebo, people can still reach you. It’s best for emergencies, people will be able to contact you at any time of the day. 

Now, if you do install a telephone in your home gazebo, make sure that it’s the same line with one of your phones in the house. You wouldn’t want people to call a different line in the dead of night and you’ll have to go all the way to your back yard to answer it! 

Having a home gazebo will be easy peasy if you got these electronics inside it. Try them out and see just how better your structure will be with them!

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