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Worth Ross Management Company (WRMC) is a renowned full-service property management company providing top-quality services, including Condo Association Management, to communities in Texas and Colorado. Over the years, Worth Ross has established its versatility in offering a spectrum of reliable solutions in property management and more. It has been offering boutique services like:

·         Association management

·         Multi-family community management

·         High-rise management

·         Mixed Use Management

and more to communities in Texas and Colorado for over two decades now. 

Worth Ross has developed a special affinity for Texan communities since its origins are rooted in Texas. The feeling is mutual, and the bond between the two has been growing deeper. Communities in Texas are floored by the deep understanding that Worth Ross has gained and nurtured about different aspects of their lives. With each passing day, new communities are making Worth Ross a part of their daily lifestyle. The company has connected with the vibrant, lively lifestyle that Texans lead, and their love for aspects  like location, active lifestyle and conveniences. Knowing that has made it possible for Worth Ross to work the way Texan communities like and provide the type of services that precisely like.

Leading-edge Condo Association Management Solutions for Texas

are of their responsibilities towards their condo association, it is impractical for most of them to devote sufficient time and discharge all the duties. The volume of work is enormous, and demands a lot of efforts, time and energy. As a result, the board members have to consider hiring professional services of HOA and property management firms.

Worth Ross provides a diverse range of custom-made services to Texas and Colorado-based communities, one of them being Condo Association Management Texas services for condominium users. The property management company has been honouring all its commitments as a condo association by dedicatedly:

·         maintaining the common areas and features of  condos

·         managing finances

·         maintaining community operations

·         appointing staff to clean and restore premises as and when necessary

·         preserving the aesthetic value and ambience

·         upholding the identity and uniqueness of properties

The administration of condo associations is formally executed on the basis of a set of requisite documents. A board of directors constituting homeowners in the association are in charge of the property operations. While the board members are aw

Experienced HOA and property management professionals perform relevant tasks along with the board. Responsibilities generally include supervising key projects, negotiations at different levels, dues collection and sharing of reports. The authority to make decisions lies with the board of directors, and condo association management personnel take them forward.

Worth Ross is acutely aware of the unique features of condominiums and the specialised attention they need. It has acquired expertise in providing reliable support to communities residing in condos by coordinating with the authorities managing them. Here are the expert services that industry experts at Worth Ross take in this direction:

  • Familiarising with communities’ association documents thoroughly
  • Devising best solutions in light of the given situation
  • Apprising the association boards of latest updates via its standardised process for compliance tracking and enforcement
  • In-house licensed insurance adjuster’s assistance for property inspection, policy review and for evaluating claims 
  • Expert financial services from CPAs, MBAs, and MSAs
  • Special services of a dedicated staff accountant provided to each client
  • End-to-end administrative services for all tasks like mailings, organising meetings, correspondence and more
  • Access to resident portals to view details
  • Web-based accounts payable solution for transparency for invoices
  •  Membership in Worth Ross’ vendor management program for suitable insurance and licensure at the right time
  •  Professional level human resources support for vital responsibilities provided to board members

These measures take into account virtually every aspect of support that Worth Ross offers, right from

·         Association governance

·         Financial services

·         Facilities and risk management

·         Technology

·         Administrative service

·         Human resources

Worth Ross is one of the few companies that has secured the Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC) designation conferred by Community Association Institute (CAI). This recognition is testimony to its ability to provide unmatched services to community associations, including Condo Association Management services.

Communities across Texas recognise Worth Ross’ flair for understanding their requirements and delivering what they require wholeheartedly. So do the board members and other authorities whom it supports and coordinates with to serve their communities.

The company invests in efforts to equip team members with education and training to implement solutions as per latest trends.  The aim is to continue providing unparalleled services to the communities it serves and surpass their expectations. The team members, on their part, are focused on attaining flexibility and refining their skills while duly adhering to the policies expected of them.

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