The Smart Way to Find Houses Through house solution Egypt

The use of the internet today is not just to just look for the latest information or to exist in cyberspace alone. More than that, some people even use the internet as a venue to realize their grand plans.

Like one of them found a new minimalist home to be shared with my beloved family. Generally, most people are eyeing new houses with a price range of 100,000 E.G.P – 20,000 E.G.P in locations close to mass transportation.

Searching for homes online by browsing several property sites such as has become a trend in itself. Given this method is far more practical, effective, and efficient, while considering the limited time available.

As a guide for those of you who are hunting for homes through the property site, consider carefully some important stages below.

First, Search for New Housing

Start the search by going to either through a browser on a cellphone or PC. Select the location where you want to live, then sort the price range that is agreed and click the “search” button.

Dozens of new housing with various interesting concepts are ready for you. Choose one by one. Starting from the choice of 43,000 EGP Floor Homes for Rent in Katameya Heights real estate, up to a modest Minimalist House for 20,000.

After finding a number of the villa for rent in Katameya Heights that fit in your budget and you need it, the next step not to be missed is to visit the housing site directly.

Second, see Property Index

As the leading property portal in Egypt, is always trying to help millions of Egyptian people find the right property and an accurate price. will help you find a dream home based on a fair price reference according to market sentiment. Information is also presented comprehensively, starting from the location of consumers’ favorite properties, to the price of residential housing and apartments in Egypt.

The data is processed based on the analysis of 400,000 property listings that are accessed by 3.4 visitors every month. So consumers can know the time of the buyer, why prices fall, until the underlying cause. Interesting right?

Third, ask questions in the forum

If you are still unsure about some housing that you have visited, please say whatever you want to ask in the forum.

Not only that, for those of you who intend to find a ground floor for rent in katameya heights, you can search through the site

Finally, Ask the Agent

If you don’t want to be bothered with buying a house, then the only way you can take it is by using a property agent.

On the pages of, for example, you can even find specialist agents for apartments, commercial buildings, by area or specifically discussing English and Mandarin.

Meanwhile, to recruit the right agent and have a high will, you can select it by asking a few questions at Wait for questions, and find out who has questions for your questions.

Expensive house prices and prices that continue to rise to make the plan to buy a home for some people more difficult to create. Even though there is a financing solution, the amount of down payment that should be upfront is enough to block people from owning a home.

Another alternative is to buy a house so the funds needed are not so much. More than people who have jobs that are moved, moved ordinary houses chosen because it is adjusted to the length of work in the city. However, before asking for help, you need to know and understand the advantages and disadvantages that exist, so you can determine whether it needs to be approved or purchased.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages to renting a house.

The advantages of renting a house

– Free of down payment

This might be the most financially significant difference compared to buying a home. When buying a home, you must at least provide a down payment of 20 percent to 30 percent of the value of the house. Meanwhile, if you rent, you only need to prepare funds following the rental period you want, for example, six months or one year.

– Free home maintenance

Every home needs maintenance to repair the damage or to keep the house in good condition. If you have a house, then you have to pay the costs to repair a leaky roof, clogged drainage, to repair house paint. By renting, these obligations become the responsibility of the homeowner. You also do not need to spend repairs that are not small in value. Also, taking care of home repairs is time-consuming because it requires you to oversee the repair work.

– Free home tax

Tax costs are also borne by the homeowner, so you can save on these expenses. The amount of tax depends on the location and size of the land and building. Because you do not pay taxes, you are also free from the risk of fines if you forget or are late paying taxes.

– Easy to move

Because only rent, so if you feel uncomfortable or want to move to a new location then you just have to wait until the contract period is complete and then free to move. If you buy a house, then you have to take care of the sale of the house so you can have the funds to buy a house in a new location.

Lack of renting a house

– Taking care of moving house

When renting a house, you have to take care of moving your belongings and family to a new place. In addition to being troublesome, you also incur costs for transportation or costs for workers who help you. You also need to take care of the change of address on various administrative documents such as banks so that the letter sent can arrive correctly to the most recent address.

– Rental costs tend to go up

Along with rising house prices, the cost of renting a house also usually increases every year. You can receive a fixed price by making a long-term contract, for example, two years, so the price will not change in those two years. But the consequence, you have to prepare funds for a two-year lease period so of course, the funds prepared are greater. The increase in rental costs per year depends on the location and condition of the house.

– has no assets

By buying a house, when it is finished in installments, the house will be yours. When finished repayments, there is a possibility the value of the house has increased several times so that it will generate profits if sold. Another case when renting, then the funds you spend each year are only for rental fees and at the end of the rental period still, do not have rights to the house.

– Not getting the right house

By buying a house, you have the flexibility to choose the house and arrange the layout or furniture from the start. If only renting, then the furniture and layout have been prepared by the owner. When you want to change the layout, you must refer to the initial agreement whether it is permissible to do it immediately or ask permission from the owner.

Each Has Strengths and Weaknesses

Renting a house has several advantages and disadvantages, so it depends on the focus of your goals and conditions to determine whether or not to rent. If you are more focused on frugality and want short-term practicality, renting can be an option. But if you want to have assets and want to stay somewhere, then buying a house can be an option.