These are five beautiful beaches in the world that must be visited.

Not only as a place to relax, but the beach has also become a favorite destination on every vacation. Calm waves, strong gusts of wind, and a beautiful sunset will surely spoil our eyes. Here are the five stunning beaches in the world that you must visit.

1. Patong Beach, Thailand

These are five beautiful beaches in the world that must be visited.

Patong Beach is a favorite destination for tourists when visiting Thailand. This beach is located in the west of Phuket Town. Patong Beach is one of the most crowded beaches visited by tourists. The clear water and calm waves make Patong very suitable as a family vacation destination. On Patong Beach, there are many hotel accommodations that you can try while visiting this beach, one of which is Swissotel, Luxury Hotel Patong.

2. Sun Island Beach, Maldives

Who does not know the Maldives? The beauty of white sand and blue sea water presents the eternal beauty. The Maldives is included in the Maldives State, which consists of 1200 small islands. On the island of Maldives, many private resorts have been built. Sun Island Beach is one of the private beaches that can only be entered if you stay at the resort there. Even though it only has an area of ​​5 km long, this beach is truly worth visiting.

3. El Nido Beach, Philippines

Beautiful cliffs, lagoons with clear waters, eggs, and hidden waterfalls can be found on El Nido Beach, Philippines. This beach is surrounded by limestone mountains that look clear and sparkly. El Nido has more than 50 hidden beaches that are rarely visited by tourists. This beach can spoil your eyes and give the impression of your vacation.

4. Playa Paraiso Beach, Cuba

Playa Paraiso Beach in Cuba has become a scuba diving spot for divers. Wildlife that lives around the area become a unique attraction for tourists. Also, the soft beaches, calm and clean sea will surely make every visitor feel relax on this 25 km long beach.

5. Trunk Bay Beach, St. John-U.S. Virgin Island

Never skip Trunk Bay Beach, St. John-U.S. Virgin Island if you visit America. Trunk Bay is located on Virgin Island and is famous for its beautiful diving and snorkeling spots. This beach is also the best place for surfing. There are two exciting places to stay in Saint John, namely Cinnamon Bay and Maho Bay.