Tips for Buying Land in Montreal

It all starts with a land, goes the saying. When you own a piece of land, the future belongs to you, both literally and metaphorically. Such much value is attached to owning a land that those who do it are seen with the lens of respect. And when the land in question is located in or around Montreal, its value would certainly be higher.

However, buying a land in Montreal is anything but easy. It’s always a complex, and complicated exercise with many layers attached to it. In fact, it requires a lot of research and knowledge of the local market to successfully buy a piece of land.

If you too are dreaming to own land in Montreal, you should better buckle up, have tons of information by your side before moving ahead. And don’t forget to seek professional help or hire a real estate broker if you want a piece of mind with the dream piece of land.

However, before getting the ball rolling, it would be better if you focused a bit more on the types of land for sale you can purchase in Montreal.

Types of Land in Montreal  

There are three types of land that an average person can buy in Montreal –

  • Raw Land
  • Vacant Land
  • Crown Land

Raw Land

This kind of land is privately owned with no record of development before. On a raw land, there won’t be any structure. It won’t even have any utilities such as water and power. You should also not expect any road access either with this type of land.

Vacant Land

Like a raw land, it’s also privately owned but with comparatively better facilities around it. Such Laurentian land for sale may or may not be serviced, so you can expect utilities like water, power etc. In some cases, a vacant land may also have road services with some signs of developments on the land. 

Crown Land

As a real estate investor, you should know that most land in any Canadian province will be crown land and Montreal is no exception. Such land is public property and owned by the government. Unlike other forms of land, there will be certain restrictions and conditions on the use of crown land.

Tips for buying the land

The land you dream to buy can be used to build your future home, for commercial purposes, or purely as an investment decision. No matter what is the goal, you should always consider a few tips to make the entire buying process as smooth as it can get.

Some of the key tips include –

Understand the zoning law

The use of land in Montreal in governed by certain zoning laws and you must know those laws well in advance before moving ahead with the purchase. Such laws decide how the land can be used and for what purposes. To avoid buying a wrong piece of land. It’s always important to first understand all the zoning laws and then get a building permit from the municipality.

Review recent land surveys

When you are a potential land buyer, one of the most important tasks should be to review recent land surveys. By doing this, you can easily know the land’s legal boundaries and easements. It’s equally important to review, or rely on, the surveys conducted in the last year or two. And if somehow you’re not able to get the reviews, you can think of conducting one for yourself by seeking professional help.

Consider soil test

Chances are high that the land you have bought or planning to buy may not be serviced by a local municipality. In such cases, you may be required to do the arrangement for water and sewage. And you can only do this after having constructed a well and septic system. However, before carrying out any work, you need a soil test done on the land to check if the property is suitable for the kind of septic system construction you envisaged.

Request a list of restrictions

Zoning laws are not the only hassles you will face when planning to buy a land in Montreal. There will obviously be more restrictions you may need to know before planning to utilize the land in the best way possible. A good rule of thumb says that you should always request a list of restrictions from the municipality before getting any layout ready for the construction. The plus point is, a land owner can always negotiate changes to the list to some extent, especially in cases where the laws are outdated. The best strategy is always to play by the rulebook and follow the restriction to avoid any future hassles.

Final Thoughts

Land ownership is always a matter of huge privilege. However, buying land is anything but simple. And if you’re a smart buyer, you should do the research, seek help as and where needed and this is how you can get the kind of land you dream.

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