Fresh grass, flowers or other plants, rocks and decorative hardscapes are great way to increase your outdoor environment. For home owners that have ponds on their property, should maybe consider a pond fountains or pond aerator. Not only will it increase the property value but also create a healthier pond and outdoor environment.

Your backyard area should reflect your lifestyle. It’s not just some place to store the outdoor grill and bicycles. It is a place to go to relax with the family and friends. Choose backyard projects that will change your outdoor space into your family’s fun hangout spot.

Add natural accents. Use natural materials to add to your space. Wooden swings and stone pathways can set a whimsical tone for the rest of your design ideas. Opt for naturally pest- and rot-resistant local wood varieties.

Add bird friendly items. Birds are a great way to interact with nature, and they can help control pests in your garden. Start by landscaping with the native nut-, fruit- and seed-bearing plants preferred by your local birds. Install birdhouses on poles. They protect birds better than tree-mounted boxes. Place a birdbath or garden pond into your design. Add decals or screens to back windows to protect birds from injuries. Be sure to provide plenty of seed in cold weather, when birds’ natural food sources may be low.

Create a butterfly garden. Butterfly-friendly gardens will help pollinate your flowers and reduce the need for pesticides. Add plants that butterflies are attracted to. Also, incorporate plants that provide a larvae habitat.

If you desire peace and quiet. Your backyard resort might include a gazebo shading a couple of luxurious lounge chairs. Hang bird feeders nearby so you can listen to their calming chirps as you indulge in your favorite summer reads. Ad flowering plants and shrubs. Pick up some prepared summer salads and fresh fruit at the supermarket so you don’t have to worry about cooking. Sip on refreshing iced tea or chilled fruit-infused water. Close your eyes and imagine you are being pampered at your dream spa.

Once you’ve transformed your backyard into your resort destination, the most important thing to remember is to mentally “go on vacation” each time you open your back door. Take care of the chores and projects ahead of time. Then spend time outside and make some lasting memories with family and friends.

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