Turning your Home Gazebo into a Dance Studio

It’s almost strange how versatile home gazebos are. You can turn yours into anything you want it to be.  An extra bachelor’s pad near your house? Sure! A safe space for your pets during harsh weather? Of course! The perfect place for a sudden dinner party? Why not? The possibilities are endless. However, there are some ideas that might require a lot more thought and careful planning. For if these ideas aren’t executed well, you would have wasted a great spot just for nothing. One of these is turning your home gazebo into a dance studio. 

You might think that any old space can transform into one, and in most cases, it’s true. But your home gazebo can be more than that. It might serve as a great free rehearsal space too. And if you want yours to really help you and others improve your dancing, you’ll need to be detailed with how you transform it. Here are some tips you can use to do so. 

Leave Lots of Space

Just to state the obvious, you’ll need space to transform your home gazebo into a dance studio. And before you question the need to mention it on this list, remember that home gazebos can be versatile. When you’re not using it for dancing, it can serve as another family room, a hang-out place for the kids, and many more. However, whichever type of sanctuary your family transforms it to when you’re not using it, ensure that they don’t have too many objects to push to the side for when you want to dance. 

Go for Laminated Flooring

When you’re having your home gazebo built and you already plan on using it as a dance studio, go for laminated flooring. It’s the smoothest kind of surface for such structures and it’s perfect to dance on. Just imagine swaying and gliding about on a satin-finished floor. You’ll feel so free and elegant on it, just as you should with any other dance studio. However, just ensure that you don’t over-laminate your floor, which can happen at times. Chances are, you’ll be prone to accidents if you do. 

Install Mirrors

Mirrors are a must for any dance studio, even for ones in home gazebos. How can you improve your dancing or create new ones when you can’t even see and examine what you’re doing? Go to any other dance studio and you’ll see that mirrors are practically the part that differentiates them to ordinary rooms. Though you don’t have to fill every wall in the structure, you will need one or two to really reflect most of the space inside it. 

Incorporate a Sound System

Would you want to bring in a boombox every time you want to dance inside your home gazebo? By the time you get to it, you’d have already lost some of your energy lugging it from your house to the gazebo. To make your life infinitely easier, just install a sound system instead. Place a central radio or music player on one side and put in speakers on various corners of the structure. It’s easy to do, not that expensive, will save you a lot of time and energy for dancing! 

Go for White Toned Walls

Now, in terms of color and decoration, try to go for white tones. This is a home gazebo dance studio, not a restaurant, bar, or nightclub! The focus should be on you and the other dancers, and the best colour to ensure this is to just paint everything in white, ecru, or cream. It doesn’t necessarily have to be white, especially if the shade is too clinical for your liking. Other tones of the hue can work too and will help you focus on dancing just as effectively. 

The Minimal the Interior The Better

Always remember to maximize space, and to do so, you’ll need to go for minimal interior decorating. In fact, if your home gazebo is exclusively a home gazebo, you won’t need to do any decorating at all. But if it’s supposed to be for the entire family’s use, don’t put in too much furniture or knick-knacks that might get in the way. You’ll easily get distracted and, of course, too many objects will make you prone to accidents. 

Add a Closet for Your Gear

If there’s one other thing that you’ll need in your home-gazebo-turned-dance-studio other than the mirrors, it’s a closet. Here, you can keep all your dancing gear so you won’t have to pack a bag from your house. You can also store some refreshments here when you’re on a break, instead of having to go back and forth from your house to the gazebo. Imagine how much easier using your backyard dance studio will be if you can just go in, change, and start dancing in a matter of seconds! 

Go For Track Lighting

In a dance studio, you’d want your lighting to brighten up most of the spots inside. Within every corner you move to, you’ll need light to show you what you’re really doing and more. For this, it’s best to go for track lighting in your home gazebo. These multiple spotlights will highlight each and every corner of your dance studio, allowing you to move freely about without worrying about darkness. And since these lights are installed by the ceiling, you’ll still have enough space too! 

Install Curtains for Privacy

Dance is mostly an intimate affair. Unless you’re performing in front of people in an official and professional capacity, your dancing should only be for you and you alone. Which is why when you turn your home gazebo into a dance studio, it’s important that you install curtains by the windows. Don’t let others see what you’re doing if it’s not intended for their eyes in the first place. And since curtains are thin, you’ll still have all the space you need with all the privacy! 

Add a Few Chairs for Resting

Finally, add a few chairs in the studio for when you want to rest. Oftentimes the floor is good, but don’t you want to be comfortable? After dancing for hours, don’t you deserve a nice cushioned surface to rest your behind on? Put in a few chairs, maybe some pillows here and here, to keep yourself comfy after a dance session. Go on, you deserve it! 

Turning your home gazebo into a dance studio is easier than you might think. Just follow these tips to ensure you’re doing it right!