Types and Ways to Manage Organic and Inorganic Waste

Types and Ways to Manage Organic and Inorganic Waste

Garbage is a leftover that cant be used anymore. Every day, the world’s garbage is always increasing. Garbage consists of two types, namely, organic waste and inorganic waste. There is rubbish that can be decomposed by soil, but some rubbish cant.

Organic trash

Types and Ways to Manage Organic and Inorganic Waste

Organic waste is residual waste originating from living things in the form of animals or plants. The nature of organic waste is easy to rot and environmentally friendly. So in overcoming it, chemicals are not needed. just throw the organic waste, and the bacteria will break it down.

Inorganic Trash

Inorganic waste is rubbish that is not easily decomposed by soil. Inorganic waste did not comes from living things. Inorganic waste comes from industry, gas, petroleum, and household mining. some inorganic waste can be extracted, but it takes even hundreds of years to break it down. If you need waste management, you can ask for help from Wasted Opportunites.

Inorganicliquid Waste

Inorganic waste can be in the form of liquid. Hazardous liquid from factories or companies is usually found in rivers. This is very dangerous because it can make living things in the river die, and the environment gets damaged. Dangerous inorganic liquid is detergent waste and oil.

Inorganic Gas Waste

This rubbish is in the form of gas. Usually, this gas waste comes from chimneys in factories. The smoke is dangerous because it can make the earth to heat up, increase pollution, and many more. Apart from the factory, vehicle gas is also pollution that contains carbon monoxide gas.

Radioactive waste

Radioactive waste is a type of hazardous waste because it gives radiation effects. Usually, it is derived from nuclear fission that produces thorium and uranium.

How to Manage Organic and Inorganic Waste?

So that organic and inorganic rubbish does not cause disasters and danger to life, it must manage well. A part of Inorganic waste can be processed or recycled into useful items. For example, plastic waste from coffee or food can be turned into a bag, carpet, basket, and many more.


Landfill is burying garbage in the ground. Choose land that is not used or far from the environment, such as ex-mining land.


Biogas is an alternative fuel derived from fermentation or decomposition of organic waste.

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