What You Need to Do Before Selling Your House: A Checklist to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Irrespective of how you want to sell your house, there is a kind of forethought and preparation you should consider. Besides, your house is one of the largest financial assets; hence preparing to sell it requires due diligence and a thoughtful timeline. Irrespective of how far ahead you are planning, here is the checklist to help you get ready.

How to Prepare Your Home for Sale: Six Months Before

If you want to sell your home, it’s good to start preparing early. Six months can offer you adequate time to consider the entire procedure and conduct your preliminary homework. Here are the must-do things when you are six months out. 

  • Choose the ideal listing date

The best month of the year to list your property for sale to minimize time on the real estate market and maximize your profit is the fast half of May. Saturday is the popular day to list your house for sale. Nevertheless, this will vary depending on where you stay in Utah. 

Planning before hands makes it easy for you to time the real estate market strategically. However, there is no guarantee that your property will sell as fast as the average. For this reason, it is vital to be flexible.  

  • What’s the average time to sell a home

The real estate Utah market moved fast in 2022, with properties going pending( having the offer approved but not officially closed) after 2-3 weeks countrywide over the year or a few days in some fast markets. Your home can sell as quickly as 2 months after you list it, after figuring another 60 days between the pending and real closing date. However, these are averages, and some properties might sell faster while others take time, based on the market factors and selling price. Therefore to be on the safer side, note down about three months to get enough time. 

  • Research the real estate market

Find out what similar houses are selling to get the best idea of what your house is worth. While you can make a few adjustments as you get near the listing date, doing some research on time doesn’t hurt. 

When doing your research, remember that home prices can change significantly based on the season. Typically, mid-late spring is the ideal time to sell your home as you can minimize time on the real estate market and maximize the projects. However, the ideal window can change based on where you reside. 

If you have flexible time, consult real estate Utah experts to know the best seller windows for your local market. Bear in mind that, even with extensive research, real estate is erratic. Pay attention to factors that might affect house prices in your region, such as interest rates, job market trends, and property tax increases. 

  • Assess the condition of the property 

Additionally, it offers you a chance to fix every issue before listing. For instance, if the basement flooded the other day, you might have to disclose to potential buyers during the sale procedure, based on disclosure laws in Utah. It may be worth repairing the issue; hence no need to disclose it. Knowing the condition of your house can help you match it to similar houses in your region. 

If you are uncertain of what needs repair in your property, have a pre-listing house inspection. This allows you to identify possible issues and solve them, rather than the buyers finding them. 

  • Work with a real estate agent

Most sellers build relationships with real estate agents months before the listing. If you do not have a reliable agent in mind, you can talk to experts at Bureau Real Estate Company for professional guidance throughout the selling process. The experts will also manage the pre-listing, marketing, and even negotiation tasks. 

  • Request for feedback 

If you have stayed in your apartment for decades, you might be desensitized to the less desirable features. Ask family members, neighbors, and friends for their opinions on your property. You can asl real estate agents as well. 

Even though major remodeling may not offer you the best ROI, small repairs and cosmetic changes, such as new hardware and paint, will help improve your home’s curb appeal. 

How to Prepare Your Home for Sale: 60 Days Before

Sixty days before listing your home, it’s the right time to put the initial plans into action as you expand on the initial research you have conducted. 

  • Address repair issues

If you have some repairing work you’ve been ignoring; this is the time to work on it. Spend time repairing the leaky faucet, repairing the broken fence, and patching the holes. 

  • Declutter and donate

 Beginning the decluttering work will save you from that last-minute scramble to remove things before the listing happens. Purge or donate those things you don’t need. You may rent a temporary storage facility to store the things you don’t want until after you relocate. 

Prioritize and sort the things to keep, toss, donate or store. You can get boxes and packing supplies to begin packing up the possessions that you might not need. Since you have time, you don’t need to remove everything. 

  • Have a marketing plan

If you intend to list your property on the open market, make sure you have a marketing plan in place. Selling with a real estate agent is important as they can assist you in spreading work and ensuring your house gets the right buyer. 

  • Get the documentation in order

When you want to sell a property, you need documents of permits for previous remodeling work, warranty paperwork, tax bills, land surveys, and even utility bills. Get these documents in advance so that you don’t need to look for them as you get ready to list. 

Are You Ready to Sell Your Home?

If you are ready to sell your home, talk to real estate gurus at Bureau Real Estate. The company will assign brokers with vast experience, deeper knowledge of the real estate market, and shared determination to deliver excellent client services.

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