Why Roller Shades Are Better Than Blinds To Cover Your Windows

Why Roller Shades Are Better Than Blinds To Cover Your Windows

Why Roller Shades Are Better Than Blinds To Cover Your Windows

Roller shades are very popular with more modernist interior designs that allow for the privacy you desire as well as the preferred amount of light to enter your home. Roller shades are often considered to be better than regular blinds to cover your windows for a few reasons. They allow for a more streamlined effect that you might see at high end hotels and additionally give you more pattern and color options that will match the interior of your home.

What is a Roller Shade?

Roller shades are one single piece of fabric that covers your windows and rolls up from the top of bottom to increase or decrease the light entering your window. With countless options on the types of fabrics you can choose from, to the color, and even the opacity of your roller shade is what makes this option much more appealing than choosing basic white or grey blinds.

The idea of the roller shade is to be able to install a long lasting tamper proof option for your window that will last a long time. These are popular options for homes with children because they come with the option to be either cordless or have a continuous cord that eliminates the dangerous hazard of long cords that can be reached by toddlers. Alternatively, these shades come with the option to upgrade to a motorized system. This is when the shades can be lifted without the need to pull on the shade or cord. You can even place these automated settings right from your phone with the touch of a button.

Colors and Fabrics

You might be aware that with regular blinds you can choose from plastic or wood in a few different neutral colors like white or beige. But with roller shades you have a vast variety of options for fabrics or materials like tweed, woven fabrics, and colors that range from bright to neutral. Another appeal to roller shades is they can come with textures and patterns to create more of an accent design to your windows.

Additionally, you can choose black out shades for bedrooms to ensure that no light passes through when fully closed. And you can also choose for more transparent versions to go in places like your kitchen or dining room to allow for more light to pass through without having to open and close them.

Along with the customization factor of roller shades herriman also comes the option to choose different types of trims that can add another level of design aesthetic when viewed from the exterior or interior of your home. There are trims that come with tassels and curvatures to elevate the look and feel of a space.

Mounting your roller shades on the inside of your window frame or on the outside can be the difference between letting a small amount of light through on the sides of the shades to completely block out any and all light. Again, the possibilities of customization are endless and can be tailored down to every detail for both design and functional purposes.


The vast selection of shades available to fit your home is what makes roller shades so popular. Creating an oasis in your home where every last detail is tailored to you and your preferences if ideal for many homeowners and renters. You can even mix and match textures and colors with roller shades that fit within your window frame and curtains mounted outside of the window frame. This creates different levels of depth and texture that simply cannot compete with regular blinds.

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