Packing Tips for a Move

Packing Tips for a Move

Deciding to move isn’t always the hardest part of this big life decision! Sometimes the process of actually moving can be much more daunting than the prospect of living in a new place. Don’t let the idea of packing overwhelm you, though; use these tips to make the packing process less stressful.

Hire Professionals When Necessary

Now, it might seem like cheating to just hire moving companies to make your move easier, but in some instances, it really is the best idea. You can easily pack up your kitchen, bedroom, or living room as utensils and clothing are a breeze to fit into a box, but there are just some things that require a bit more of a professional touch. Depending on what types of furniture or treasures you have, you might need to hire piano movers, a company to move your classic car, or simply professionals to lift your incredibly heavy dining room table into your moving truck. Don’t be afraid to seek help in this process!

Pack Smart

Packing Tips for a Move

When you enter a room to begin packing, think things through a bit instead of simply throwing everything into a box. If you simply put all your cutlery and utensils in a box, you’ll have to go back through and reorganize it all when you’re unpacking. Instead, why not put plastic wrap around your utensil holder so all you have to do is remove the wrap when you’re settling into your new kitchen? Another idea is to simply take garbage bags and wrap a pile of clothes on their hangers up instead of removing the clothes from the hangers, and packing the clothes and hangers separately. This way you can simply hang the pile of clothes and remove the bag in one step!

Consider Your Personality

One tip you may not get from everyone is to think about your personality before packing. Are you the type of person who gets nervous knowing you have a task ahead of you? If so, maybe you should start packing immediately and do so gradually so that you don’t feel like you’re already behind. Go ahead and pack what you won’t need anytime soon and continue doing so right up until packing goes in full swing right before the move. 

If you’re a person who would be overwhelmed looking at boxes and disorder throughout your house, it’s probably a better idea to wait until the last minute to pack. Packing in just the immediate days before your move will ensure you’re in that environment for as short a time as possible.

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