Preparing Your Home for Winter

As the long, hot days of summer turn into dramatically color-filled days of autumn, most homeowners know they need to focus on home maintenance. Along with checking the roof and removing dead brush or flowers from the yard, there are other things you can do to prepare your home for winter. Here are just a few.


Before the cold sets in and you need to turn your heating system on, call and arrange for a technician to examine the HVAC unit. Making sure all lines are secure, the ignition is working, and the blower is pushing air properly can keep your energy costs down during the coldest days. Remember to ask the inspector to measure the machine’s carbon-monoxide leaks while looking at your home’s heating pipes.


Winter can be incredibly hard on outside plumbing, such as water faucets and yard sprinkling systems. When water freezes, the integrity of the whole structure is nullified. To save yourself future problems, you can have a drain and sewer cleaning Toronto company remove anything in the pipes before the first hard freeze to protect your outdoor watering systems.


Creosote builds up inside your chimney’s firebox, flue, smoke chamber, and cooling tubes when you burn wood. Since creosote is highly combustible and can cause a home fire if it starts to smolder, it is best to have it removed each year. Call and make an appointment for a chimney sweep during the summer or fall months.


Gutters that are debris free can keep water flowing away from your home due to liquid dripping off the roof from melting snow or falling rain. Adversely, clogged gutters can force the water to back up and overflow against your home. Clean gutters can also prevent ice dams for areas that have warm days and freezing nights since it will allow the meltwater to safely flow off the roof.

Don’t wait for the first major storm to strike before you begin your home maintenance task list. Winter preparation can keep your home envelop safe and secure each year.